People & Planet

By 2050, there will be an estimated 9 billion people on earth. Unless we change our consumption habits, we risk creating irreversible damage to the environment through climate change, pollution & resource depletion. The IT Industry is currently responsible for 2% of the global Co2eq GHG emissions and this figure is growing, accelerating the effects of climate change. Studies show that it takes approximately 1.7 tonnes of materials and up to 190,000 litres of water to manufacture a brand new laptop; not to mention the energy consumed during extraction and production which emits an average of 380kg Co2eq greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Our Impact

We work with global partners to deliver community-driven restoration and reforestation projects in developing countries to maximise positive social and environmental impact. We plant five trees for every Circular Computing™ laptop that is sold, to off-set and reverse our contribution to climate change and support sustainable communities around the world.

Reversal is our initiative that seeks to turn back some of the environmental damage caused by the IT industry through initiatives that combat climate change, pollution and social injustice. 



We plant 5 trees for every laptop sold alongside Carbon Footprint Standard initiatives, to make your laptop carbon neutral and empower local communities in reforestation projects

Our Trees – Interactive Maps

Below are the interactive maps that represent our promise of planting 5 trees for every laptop sold. Here you can see the location of where the trees have been planted, alongside the impact on the local community and further projects that we are involved with through our partnership with WeForest. 

India Khasi Hills

Supporting Khasi communities to regenerate their forest. We are contributing to projects here in India enabling entrepreneurialism and ensuring steady income for families with great stories such as Ms Umdor’s tea stall through to the helping of species in the forests and much much more.


With our continued contributions we branched out to help another community this time in Africa, Zambia and we are thrilled at the results we are seeing with the ripples across the local communities. We have helped plant fruit trees in schools and aided in a project to make money from honey with WeForest’s Bee’s for Trees project!


  • 5 Trees per Laptop with WeForest
  • Women
  • Livelihood
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Carbon
  • Oxygen