If you are having any trouble with your device not working properly please call the third party insurer, Staymobile at 1-800-557-0426. 

Each device comes with a 3 year limited OEM warranty that covers any mechanical failure within the device. 

If the device is determined that a repair needs to be completed a shipping label will be provide for your device to be shipped in for repair. 

Please see Terms and Conditions for more information on what is covered:

Service Contract and Terms & Conditions

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What is covered:

This warranty may provide coverage for:

  1. Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown - Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown is only provided on those Covered Products indicated on the Confirmation Page.
  2. Power Surge - Power Surge is only provided on those Covered Products indicated on the Confirmation Page.


Please see full service contract for full details: 

Service Contract and Terms & Conditions

If you need to file a claim:


The submission of a Claim does not automatically mean that the damage to or breakdown of the product is covered under this Service Contract. In order for a Claim to be considered, You have to contact first for Claim approval.

  • Go online to the website shown in the warranty section or call the number provided for Staymobile. 
  • Have Your Agreement Number available. A customer service representative will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Explain the problem your Circular Computing™ laptop is experiencing. 
  • Provide Staymobile any additional information and documentation 


We may need to validate the Claim. We may perform a telephone diagnosis of the failure. We may also require you submit pictures as further documentation. After confirmation of Claim eligibility under Your Service Contract, You will be instructed as to the procedures for obtaining service applicable to Your Covered Product. We will not reimburse You for services performed without Our prior approval.