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We go for innovative solutions and Happy Profit

Expertise, passion, transparency, innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship are the embedded core values that Eurosys and its employees live by, this leads to a philosophy of  "Customer & employee value with minimal waste and happy profit". Building a customer & employee centric culture ensures a sustainable future for Eurosys in partnership with its employees and customers.

For 25 years and from their offices in Houthalen and Halle, Eurosys has become the leading IT reseller in Belgium delivering solutions to Companies, Schools and Government.

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Sustainability Matters

At the heart of their success is their focus on customer & employee satisfaction and a philosophy of “Happy Profit & Sustainability”. Making significant investments into their own Sustainability initiatives and ensuring that their customers, employees and their business all share in and enjoy the benefits that these investments bring.

Mark Lens, Founder CEO of Eurosys commented “We’re delighted to announce our exciting new collaboration with Circular Computing™ to bring sustainable, affordable and environmentally friendly laptops to Schools and Companies in Belgium. Circular Computing™ is globally recognised as the world’s first Computer Remanufacturer and Eurosys shares many of its core values. It’s a Win for us, a Win for our Customers and a Win for the Planet.”

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