Performance ICT

Remanufacturing like you've never seen before.

We never compromise on the technology that powers our business. And we’d never ask you to either. The refurbished IT industry has always played a support role to the orders of new equipment and adopted an attitude of “minimal investment, maximum return” as there is significant risk. Many offer a confusing array of grades including A, A , Platinum or Renew, 1st class and so on. These grades are nothing more than packaging for a product that still asks customers to compromise on a buyer beware basis.


There is only one grade 

A lot of suppliers claim to deliver high quality. We go further by embedding innovation, precision and market-leading standards into every step of our remanufacturing process, so our products represent an unrivalled quality. We only deal in one grade which sets us apart from the rest of the used-computer market as the world's first Secondary Equipment Manufacturer (SEM). 


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Precision Factory

The only one of its kind

We have invested over $3 million in our brand new, state-of-the-art factory. Standing on over 150,000 SqFt/15,000 SqM of our own land, this is just phase 1 of a project that will allow the facility to grow and reach production levels of 500,000 laptops per annum. 


We’re different because we know that our mission won’t succeed if our products don’t deliver.

We want to create a world where demand for IT doesn’t come at the cost of our planet and most vulnerable communities. Therefore, we’re determined to make it possible for you to join us on that mission. Choose Circular Computing™ and make your IT budget go further. Focus on production driven goals and sustainability. Rest assured that you'll receive an unparalleled cosmetic finish supported by a warranty you can rely on. Rethink your IT procurement strategy, without the fear, uncertainty and doubt towards compromise.