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A rich history. A promising future.

As a group, Bechtle’s remarkable success as an IT provider has spanned more than 30 years. Founded in Heilbronn, Germany, in 1983, Bechtle has grown from a microbusiness to an established international partner delivering future-facing IT to over 14 different countries. Firmly anchored in their local region, yet globally connected. Bechtle now has over 8,500 employees striving each and every day to turn your IT projects into a resounding success.

Growth needs a solid foundation. Sustainability at Bechtle.

Bechtle’s success is largely attributable to their ability to see the big picture. Bechtle is and always has been a future-oriented company, driven by solid, measurable objectives.

Long-term planning, mutual respect in everyday operations as well as social and environmental responsibility as part of corporate citizenship—these are the cornerstones of Bechtle’s sustainable business model. And that means: Their success depends on finding the right balance between the interests of society and those of the business.

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